Hydal Group is a family of companies specializing in development, construction and production of extrusions, system components and products in aluminium.


With our roots from a century long tradition within the aluminium industry, we have built a unique competence and trade experience, a heritage we today manage in a modern and market adapted company culture. We combine our mission as a supplier with the role as an active cooperation partner when it comes to design, product development and construction of competitive systems and product solutions in aluminium.


Hydal Group is owned by Hydal Invest AS and is represented in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Hydal Group has 260 employees, and a yearly turnover of approximately 800 MNOK.

Core values

Aluminium is often called the metal of opportunities. We are characterized by the same properties as aluminium:


We are light, with an uncomplicated and lean organisation.


We are strong, with competent and highly motivated employees.


Our flexibility matches the property of aluminium, always finding a solution to meet customer demands.


As with aluminium you can rely on us, we aim to be reliable in every aspect of our business.


Our products and partnership make a sustainable alternative for our customers and the enviroment.