Hydal Property

Profilanlegg ANS

Profilanlegg ANS owns an industrial building with a total area of 29.000 sqm in Raufoss. The property has first class location in Raufoss Industrial Park, one of the most interesting industrial clusters in Norway. Per today no space available for rent.

29.000 m2
NO 2830 Raufoss

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Hydal Property AB

Hydal Property AB owns a 4.200 sqm industrial building in Vetlanda. In the middle of Småland, an area with long traditions for industrial activity in Sweden, Hydal Property AB has an excellent location. Per today there are no space available for rent.

4.200 m2
Thomasbacken 6,
SE-574 23 Vetlanda

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Hydal Eiendom AS

Hydal Eiendom AS owns an industrial building with 5.100 sqm in Karmøy. The property has first class location in the industrial park of Hydro Karmøy. Per today no space is available for rent.

5.100 m2
Hydrovegen 160,
NO-4265 Håvik

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Hytrans Ejendom ApS

Hytrans Ejendom ApS has an industrial building with 4.500 sqm in Hedensted, Denmark. The property has first class central location in Denmark. 

There are approximately 2.000 sqm available for rent, ideal for production and storage.

5.000 m2
Thorsvej 3, DK-8722 Hedensted

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ETO Eiendom AS

ETO Eiendom AS has an industrial building with 1.300 sqm. The property is located in the Bygnes Industrial Park. Per today there is no space available for rent.

1.300 m2
Fotvegen 15, NO-4250 Kopervik

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